The Regional Masters Programme


A central activity of WaterNet is the regional Masters Degree Programme in Integrated Water Resources Management. This is the first time that  universities of the region decided to offer joint educational programmes in water resources. These programmes became operational in 2003.

One of the main objectives of the post-graduate programme is to coin a common language of the central concepts in Integrated Water Resources Management. This will allow present and future water managers to effectively communicate with experts from other disciplines, such as resource economists, environmentalists, lawyers, planners, community representatives, scientists, health professionals, engineers etc.

In the post-graduate programme, institutions contribute and share their comparative strengths in water-related expertise. In this way it is possible to offer a high quality comprehensive course programme in a relatively short time. Pooling expertise is seen as the  most efficient method towards a course programme that is truly inter-disciplinary, encompassing all the important aspects of Integrated Water Resources Management. The degree programme will help to enhance the capacity to deal with cross-border issues of some of the weaker countries in the region. 



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