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Catchment Partnership Initiative

Catchment Partnership Initiative

Background to the Catchment Partnership Fund

The Board of Trustees, as approved by the 9th WaterNet Annual General Meeting established the Catchment partnership fund. The objective of the Fund is to support activities carried out jointly by WaterNet and the Global Water Partnership for Southern Africa (GWP-SA). The fund is mainly meant to support outreach activities to enhance academic activities, IWRM masters research, curriculum development and professional training within catchment management agencies.


Activities supported by fund to date:

Under the Challenge Programme (No. 17) for Food and Water, the Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) at the University of Zimbabwe was responsible for developing the institutional model in collaboration with Umzingwane Catchment Council and Zimbabwe Water Authority (ZINWA). From the onset, this project aimed to carry out the following activities,

1.       Action Research and

2.       Capacity Building for Umzingwane Catchment.


Action Based Research

Under this objective, the target was to complete a variety of action-based research and outreach activities. In particular two tasks were carried out, namely:

1.       water resources mapping in the other sampled wards

2.       feed back to the local communities


To achieve these tasks, the project involved student and professional staff from ZINWA Action based research also involved activities designed to spread the information to the same stakeholder groups, that is, other sub catchment councils in UMzingwane. The following activities were carried by the Team:

Pamphlets production


The following documents were produced.

a.      Pamphlet 1: What You should know about Water Permits

b.      Pamphlet 2 : What you should know about Agreement Water

c.       Pamphlet 3: What you should know about Catchment Councils


Capacity Building for Umzingwane


Strategy Document

A 2 day workshop was held which was attended by all the partners, namely the University of Zimbabwe, ZINWA, IWSD and the Umzingwane Catchment Council. Students were also involved in the workshop. The result of the workshop was production of a Strategy for stakeholder participation. Follow link >>>


WaterNet Symposium